Posting Threads Questions : How To Do & What We Need From You To Speed up Support

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    Hi All,

    I would like to write out how we would like you to post threads in order to speed things up resulting in giving you a better and faster support on your problems.

    1) If things are not working for you it could be that you are using a old version of the theme or (paid or free) plugin. Check that first at themeforest. You theme has below on the first page of the theme a version list of all things changes So update all your plugins, wordpress and the theme to the latest version.

    How to update? do not update a existing theme by the wordpress theme upload function

    2) Before submitting a thread turn off all plugins (if possible) and check if the problem still exists. if the problem disappears by turning off the plugins then contact the developer of the plugin which is causing the issue. You can deduct this by turning them on one by one and see when the problem comes back. Make sure any cache plugin used is either turned off or you emptied the cache as you could be looking at the wrong content. Better you dont use a cache plugin while developing your content. Before turn off any cache plugin empty its cache first by its settings.

    3) Put each question in a new thread, Do not stack them because other forum users won’t find them and it will result in us answering same questions over and over again. As from now stacked questions are simply ignored.

    Pls also read this about what we do and do not support.

    4) if you initiate a new thread try to post it into the correct THEME section / group category . RT Themes has more then 30 themes and we need to know what theme we are talking about.

    Do not post questions in the general section unless the question is a general one.

    Pls try not POST in the announcement threads section as we use that to post our messages to you. Posted questions in the announcement thread will be removed without any further notice unless it is cleared about which theme the are about in which case they will be moved to the correct section.

    5) Put links to your website and pages into the thread so we can see the issue and investigate it. Try to avoid threads with abstract descriptions about your problem. if it involves custom css, altering colors, spacing add additional text, move boxes, anything which is visible which needs to be moved or hidden etc., if the problem is visible on your website then add the link to your website, post, page etc.

    We cant work from images. attaching those to threads is in most cases pretty useless.

    6) Try to use google search to search the forum for answers since the forum search is not working very well. Search for support-rt and your question f.e. “support-rt rt-theme 17 slider”.

    7) Because of the fact that the PM system can be read by all users do not use it to send us private emails. In case a pm is required we will invite you to send us a email to a emailaddress we will provide in the forum thread you initiated. Please never initiate a pm by yourselves and include login details and or passwords or url’s to the website in case you believe nobody can read that or you want to hide your url to the rest of the forum community. It is useless as the other members can read it as well.

    8) Do never put any passwords or login details in a thread it self. If you do so it is stupid and your website is at risk being taken over by anybody who can read the thread. We do not take any responsibility for that nor can it hold against us. The moment we see login details in public visible threads we just remove them, we do not even consider to write them down. Only send them by Private Mail in the backend from the forum and only if we ask you to do so. Only we can read those private messages.

    9) Many caching plugins speed up your website. However in my opinion they can cause also many problems. Look for a hosting partner which delivers speed for a acceptable price. If you want cheap hosting in most cases you will get slow speed in your website as a bonus (no value for no money). If problems remain in the website and we need to go in we probably ask you to turn off any caching plugin if they are still running. This could delay the process of your problem getting solved for another day or more because we do not turn them off any plugins. They are your responsibility. So turn plugins off before asking us to go in and take a look at the problem (if possible).

    10 Try to choose thread titles which do not shout that something is not working wel or a “bug” or “error”. The forum has very good seo which means that google picks it up very fast. “Bad thread titles” cause sales drop which we won’t allow to happen. Such threads are either adjusted or blindly removed without even looked at.

    11) If it takes to long for you to get a answer it could be a weekend in which we don’t work. So do not expect us to answer your questions during those days. If we have time and just walking by we will try to help you.

    12) If a answer stays out it is either that we don’t know the answer or it is that obvious that you should walk through the theme settings and or manual which came with the theme. It also can be that links are missing. We answer complete threads first so it is up to you if you want a speedy fix. It also could be that we need to investigate the issue any further, but in those cases we put in a reply. But even if we did the latter it can take days before we get back to you. It also could be that we just overlooked or forgot about it, which is natural if you see the amount of threads we are dealing with every day. If you haven’t heard from us after a week after our last reply to you, in which we said we get back to you, please put in a reminder.

    13) If you have a problem and you found half a answer in a old thread do not reopen that thread again. Just create a new one and put in a link to the old thread and add your new problem details to your own thread.

    Why we ask this? It is simple we do not have the time to (re)create every problem. We will first start answering questions which are fully documented and which have links because they can be dealt with easily and in the fastest way. After that if it is not much work we try to recreate the problem from questions which did not have al requirements as described above. However in most cases (90%) we will just ask for a link to the page/website/post, which in some cases due to time zones differences will slow down the answering process and which is only annoying for you.

    Try to avoid that we need to ask you: “What theme are we talking about”, “Please put in a link to the website and or page”, “Did you check if the problem occurs with all installed plugins turned off”, etc etc.

    Hopefully you can understand our forum rules. Have all a great day, week, weekend, month, year.

    We on our hand will try to attend all your problems in your threads.

    Thank you,
    Tolga & Neo




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