Plugins That come with the theme (registration and updates)

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    Hi all,

    The plugins that come with the theme are bought by the theme developer. He owns a extended license. This means that you can not activate these plugins using the license code that comes with the theme nor can you use the plugin internal update ability.

    Any message you see about activation or updates you may disregard as we own the license. So there is no issue. If you want to update the plugin you will have to wait until the theme updates. New updates of plugins are included when we feel it is safe to update these plugins. So it might be very well that although the theme updates that the plugin does not. This is because we found incompatibility issues.

    If you want to update the plugin before we do release updates, or if you want to unlock the extra addon abilities some plugins offer, you need to buy your own license of these plugins. Updating them is at your own risk because as mentioned before there can be incompatibility issues which we need to fix first and which we will do on theme updates.

    You may disregard any notification message about plugin updates or registration requirements of the plugins we include in the theme package. We do not supply the registration keys of the plugins that ship with the theme.

    Also read this please

    You can not activate the theme by its purchase key or any of the plugins that comes with theme.

    Examples and documentation can be found here:





    Best regards,
    Theme support

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