IE8 Javascript Code Not Working with RT-17 Theme!

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    We are running a small piece of JavaScript code on our site over at

    And then also similar pieces of code on different pages related to our property listings. This listing feed/JavaScript code works fine with the RT-17 Theme across browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE 9 and IE 10, and even on iOS and Android.

    BUT, the listing feed does not work on IE 8.

    We have tried on different PCs and IE 8 still won’t load the script. We cleared history, reset IE 8 settings, etc. and it still won’t load the search listings.

    We know it is a problem in theme rendering IE 8 somewhere, because when we switch the theme to a WordPress default theme the search listings feed works fine on IE 8 and all other browsers, but not on RT-17. Since our company works with a lot of folks who are not on the cutting edge of technology, we know a lot of users on our site will be running IE 8 on XP to search property listings, so having this script now load on IE 8 will be a problem for us.

    If you could take a look at this problem, it would be much appreciated.

    The RT theme is running on 2.3, WordPress is 3.5.1, and the problem can not be replicated if you use an Agent Switcher tool on Chrome or Firefox and select IE 8 because the feed will populate correctly that way. The error only happens on IE 8 itself.




    I contacted the developer about this issue. He has no solution for this as he does not support 3rd party plugins. It might work with the default theme because that has no javscript functions included. Its a blank theme. However it could happen that it conflicts with rt themes as they use its own coding.

    We also see issues (errors) in firefox with the same script code.

    Maybe you could contact the cdx guys to solve this issue for you.

    I am sorry i cant help you out on this.

    Best regards,
    Theme support


    Talked with the CDX guys, they told me to attempt an iframe fix. Here below is what I posted on the general WordPress support forum to if I could have these specific pages be redirected. They told me to contact my theme provider with this inquiry…..:

    We have 6 different pages (could just make it 1 if a redirect method is complicated) on the site that had a Javascript code that would not display on any IE browser version (tried on IE 7-9). So since about 45% of our website users are using IE 7-9 sadly, we had to scratch the Javascript that was working beautifully on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, iOS, etc.

    In order to get these pages to display correctly, we went with an iframe on each of the 6 pages to satisfy the IE users. But now iOS devices (about 15% of our website visitors) can not view these 6 pages correctly because the iframe takes so long to load, no one will wait around that long on their mobile devices.

    NEED: To put the Javascript code back into the pages, remove the iframe codes, then have the 6 pages, and these 6 pages only, not the entire site, detect IE browser users and redirect them to an iframe version of the exact same page(s).

    Is this possible, and if so, how?

    I know I will need to create 6 Javascript page versions and 6 iframe page versions to satisfy the IE redirect, which is fine. Like I said, if it is too complicated I can make the 6 pages 1, since 5/6 are specific categories that can all be reached anyways from 1/6. Do I insert redirect code on the Javascript pages, making those the main links where IE users are redirected?

    Currently I have the iframe running on the pages, the main page can be seen at And I dont want the entire site to redirect, just these pages with the iframe or Javasript code.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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