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    Recently, Google has started to limit all API requests that coming from an URL without a valid API key defined. The Google MAP module that we have created for our themes is also affected from the new change. We’ve noticed that a couple of websites which uses our themes ( affected themes listed below) started to getting a message like this If you don’t see the message, probably you don’t have much daily visitors for the page but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need an API key. Google has no announcement for “small” websites but it still works for many websites somehow..

    • RT-Theme 18 < before version 1.9.6
    • RT-Theme 19 < before version
    • RT-Theme 20 < before version 1.4
    • Nixe < before version 1.1

    If you are using latests versions of the themes as stated above you don’t need to apply this manual fix. Just enter your Google API key into the field inside General Options > Google Maps


    How to fix

    1 ) First of all, you need get your own API key. Refer this document to learn how to get it.

    2 ) Put the function below into your functions.php before the last ?> to replace the API source with the new one that contains your API key.

    Please note, you may need to wait a couple of minutes while google updates your “accepted HTTP referrers” list after you add/remove an URL to the list.

    What else you can do?

    If you want to keep using these nice looking maps with multiple locations and pins, there is no other way left than getting your own API key. This is same for all plugins, themes or HTML templates.

    You can still use the old fashion way to embed a map for a single location without having to create an API key.

    1) Open google maps
    2) Find the location that you want to embed
    3) Click share and get the embed code. You can always change the width=”” value after the embed code created and give 100% for fullwidth maps.

    You can put the embed code into;

    – Code Box module of Template Builder
    – Raw HTML module of Visual Composer

    Theme Updates

    All the affected themes will be updated soon but it is just for another theme option that lets you store the API key. So, it won’t be big a change and you’ll still need to have your own API key to use the map module.

    Please create a thread if you have any question about it, we’ll be happy to assist.

    Best Regards,

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