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    Hello Guys,

    As you may noticed already, every website that uses old twitter API (v.1.0) has been stopped to display the timeline tweets. The issue has effected all the RT-Theme WordPress themes and HMTL templates like many other themes and WordPress JetPack plugins. Unfortunately we had to drop twitter widget support, too! So, this means that our themes and templates won’t be updated because of the twitter issue and the twitter widgets/plugins won’t be included to the upcoming versions.

    What is the problem?

    Twitter recently decide to retire their old API and released a new API that requires too many access keys from each website. All websites needs to sign the twitters website and create their own keys.

    Why you don’t update the themes?

    As many fellow authors and itself (jetpack plugin) i decided to drop twitter support with a built-in plugin because, it is very hard to teach people to create their own token keys etc. And also Twitter released a new “Display Requirements” that makes the implementation much harder.

    What is the possible solutions?

    There are some new plugins released on such as one another on githup

    These plugins basically grabs the tweets with a php script and caches your webserver. However, I’m not sure twitter is going to like the idea since they want to stop unregistered usage.

    You can also display your tweets by using Twitter’s own widgets

    Please share us your experiences and ideas about the issue. We will be glad to help if we can do something.

    Best Regards,
    Tolga Can

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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