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Missing Template Builder
  • Missing content of Template Builder moving files from localhost to online server production...
    Any idea about this?
  • Hi

    if you move your website follow these instructions. If you do it differently you could loose content.


    You can reset the theme settings but you will loose all theme settings.

    I would suggest todo the move by above instructions.

    Best regards,
  • Ok.. so when i'll try to do somes changes into the "template builder" i get the following error message: http://www.twisterinformatica.com/error-message.jpg

  • Hi,

    Probably because you did not transfer the website the right way. We supply theme support. We cant digg into problems caused by transfers of websites. The instruction as given has been used many times without any loss of what so ever. If you altered the database data manually by a search and replace in the .sql file you will create problems. You cant do it this way because wordpress uses serialized data structures..

    I dont know how you did the transfer. So i cant answer your question. I can only guess what has been done based on what others did with similar problems.

    Follow our instructions in how to move a website. Use the script and do a search and replace from http://localhost/subfoldername. To http://newurl

    Or use a paid plugin like backupbuddy maybe? But it still requires to run the search and replace script even f you use backupbuddy. Any other plugin you use will most likely fail because they do not do a correct replace of serialized datasets.

    I have no idea how you did the move.

    Best regards,
  • Let's see ... I may not be an expert at this. However, during the last five years, I've been implementing wordpress, joomla, magento, prestashop and opencart, all the time. This is the first template with which I have so many problems of migration. I'll try again.
    Maybe it was a direct change in the database. Sql.

    Thanks for your support.
  • Hi,

    I am not saying you dont have experience. I am saying i do not know how you did the move. I did many movements of rt17, loads of other themes (single site, muliti site, in and out multi site) and joomla and carts like zen, opencart, etc and never had any problems, only when i directly modded the sql table not taking care of the serialized length token.

    We have seen your question from other users. However if we redid the move we never had the problem.

    I can not tell you what went wrong since i have no info on how you did the transfer and the altering of the database.

    Best regards, Neo
  • Hello Neo,

    This is the scenario about the error that occurred in Template Builder:

    1) Create a new database online
    2) Install a clean version of Worpress 3.5
    3) I uploaded a clean version and activate it rttheme17
    4) I imported the content of "dummy_content.xml"
    5) Then, I imported the content of "my_custom_content.xml"
    6) Finally, I added "test, test 2, test 3 and test 4" in Template Builder
    7) And then I added to each module until it would not let me save the changes ....

    Note: When this error appears to be a buffer overflow or something ... or field that "does not allow" store more bytes.

    Note 2: Here there is no migration of database!

    Please, when you can have a look.
    Just try to add a new module (eg "slider" or "home page content") and you can see for yourself.

  • Note: 3 Please pay no attention to the design ... only include the original styles, not my own style sheet.

    Note 4: Here there are no third-party plugins!

  • Another thing I forgot to comment you, if help with this is basically the problem occurs with the number of modules that use.
    Depending on the case, ("sliders, home page content, heading bar" or whatever), there comes a point where I can not add more.
    In all three cases I tested, and observed: up to 34 modules, up to 35 modules and up to 38 modules in total and distributed among all pages templates.
  • Hi

    this makes me think of this issue.


    Best regards,
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