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THEME UPDATE! RT-Theme 9 for Wordpress - v1.0.6
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  • Hello Guys,

    After the update to the latest version of rt-theme 9 and wordpress 3.1 .All my widgets where gone.

    I created a new dynamic sidebar for a custom page and put in some widgets for sidebar of that page. But after closing the widget pages by going to another part in wp all widgets added to the custom sidebar are gone. They are not saved. Even when pressed on update.

    So i thought maybe my wp was corrupt. So I installed and tested this on a fresh clean wp3.1 and the latest rt-theme 9 and added a widget to the newly created dynamic page sidebar. However the widget also disappears after going to f.e. a page or a new blog message,

    Please confirm and please look into this.


    ps Sorry to post this message twice. I did not see the possibility to comment on this update topic of the rt-theme 9.
  • My widgets still don't work for the home page only on WP 3.1 even after the latest theme update.
  • Hi there, I uploaded the new updated rt-theme 9 (RT-Theme 9 1.0.6) for wordpress 3.1. The big problem is that the widgets do not stay when they are configured for the home page. Here's the problem:
    1. Drag the RT Theme Box widget into the widget panel on the right of the dashboard.
    2. Configure the widget. The content appears on the home page.
    3. Navigate back to the dashboard.
    4. The widget with its settings has disappeared.
    5. The widget-related content on the home page also disappears.

    The same problem occurs for the slider widget. Any time you navigate back to the widget page, the widget disappears from the home page. I have a video screen capture which can show you the exact problem, but it's the same as what the other two users have reported.

    Unfortunately this makes the theme pretty much unusable, so a new patch would be very much appreciated!

  • This is to second Roger. I'm looking at a blank home page. Considering that the home page for this theme is entirely built in widgets, this is a disaster. Thanks.
  • Hello Roger,

    I did the updating also and besides that alle my widgets in the sidebar where gone after the update of the theme i do not experience this problem in the default sidebars or the home page widget holder.

    I only experience your problem in (newly created or existing) dynamic sidebars. All the widgets which are dropped in the dynamic side bar are gone after switching to any other settingspage in the wp admin dashboard.

    Further more i have a panel called common sidebar on the right in my widget screen and it is still locked. I annot drop any widgets in there at all.

    Best regards,
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  • Sorry i am maybe stupid but how do i get to your profile page?
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  • I'm having the same issues as @Roger and @neo. Sidebar widgets are working but NO widgets for the home page are working. Even tried adding brand new sliders but still nothing. It bypasses the slider all together. Was supposed to launch a site today but now it's delayed until this is resolved.
  • I'm also having the same issue still. Just updated the new functions.php file and nothing has changed.
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  • I think line 103 of the functions.php file on pastie:
    if (!$sidebar_id=='Home_Page_Widget'){

    should be
    if (!$sidebar_id=='home-page-widget'){
  • Thanks for the update Tolga. I appreciate your responsiveness and hard work. I will try out the update and report back here on the results.
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  • deleted...fixed it myself.
  • Thank you Tolga. I will wait for V1.0.7. Once again, I totally appreciate how quickly you are addressing this issue.
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  • Found on another thread that you need to have your home page set to Latests Posts, not a specific page. With that, and the new version of the theme my site is working as expected with WP 3.1. Thanks for the help.
  • I need help updating my site...same problem with the widgets disappearing on the home page. Thank you.
  • Never mind...installed and fixed!

    NEW QUESTION: How can I EXCLUDE selected pages from the "Same Level Sub Pages" option? I have pages showing up on the sidebar that I don't want to show.
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