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If you've purchased an RT-Theme from Themeforest, you can use the forum for your support needs. You will receive much faster support because we can easily see who needs assistance, and also you’ll be able to use search to see if your problem has been solved in the past and find a fix for it without having to wait.
If you want to say something nice.....
  • Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I am so impressed with the amount of support that I receive here on this forum. If I have questions or need help with customizing a theme, someone is always available to help out, and response time is quick.

    keep up the good work, you have a repeat client in me for sure.

    and specifically, thanks Mel, Neo and Tolga!
  • Just wanted to leave a comment here giving big thanks to Neo who has helped me tremendously. The amount of help that I received, went above and beyond what I have experienced anywhere else on the net (including my hosting account, who I can't even get an email response from half the time!)

    Neo fixed an issue in the setup of my hosting that was affecting the theme - now that's good service!

    Love the theme, and big thanks.

  • I have nothing but great things to say about both the RT-Theme 16 and the support i've gotten here too. Neo has definitely gone above and beyond in helping me out. And this is one very slick theme, every time I go into it and look I find some new little tweak or feature. Thank you so much to all involved :)
  • RT-15 is simply awesome. I especially appreciate your providing the "dummy content" XML. You guys could raise the price on themes and I'd still come back... ;).

  • Jiddle, thanks for posting this. I totally agree. I was blown away by the involvement of users and by the dedication of Tolga and other support experts. Learned so much just by reading discussions and responses--whether I have a related issue or not. Cheers!
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  • I just wanted to say how impressed I've been with the level of support and responsiveness I've recieved from NEO. Every glitch I've experienced has been dealt with to 100% resolution. I'd highly recommend RT-themes to anyone for the support alone. Thank you!
  • Great, functional theme, best support and best service. Thank you very much!
  • Couldn't agree more, compared to many of the themes I have bought over time, you guys rock in relation to design and more importantly, in relation to the stellar after sales support...brilliant!
  • Excellent, excellent support. 5 stars, prompt replies and great service well worth the money.
  • Love the RT15 theme!!!!! The support has been excellent. I'm a newbie and I can't say enough about the help that i have gotten so far along the way....Thanks for your patience!!
  • The RT17 theme is amazing. 11 days and sold almost 400... I wouldn't be suprised if it sells close to 10 000 in its lifetime.

    About the support, I agree. +1

    Best support I have encountered.
  • You guys are the best , your support is fantastic. Also the update to rt-theme 17 is great with the addition of woo commerce . Nice one guys, keep it up
  • Hello RT team. I just wanted to say I'm impressed with the level of support I have experienced thus far on the forums. I'm using RT17 and it is truly a great corporate website theme. I'm a noob when it comes to website modifications, and understanding all of the langauge, but the support is helping point me in the right direction.

    Love the theme, appreciate the support, would recommend your theme to anyone looking for the same.

    Keep up the great work!
  • I love this theme, the ease of use and flexibility of options. The support is outstanding
  • Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. And thanks for the theme updates.

    Because of your genuine care for your customers, I will be returning for more themes and will recommend them to others
  • Love your themes, both the design and the ease of use. Most of all however I am so impressed and satisfied with the level of support provided, it makes all the difference in the world to relative newbies like me.

    I'm currently taking a college wordpress class and have been singing your praises throughout - they have now added you to their "recommended theme sources"

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work
  • Hi Guys,

    we appreciate all positive feedbacks !!!

    A big thanks !!!

    Best regards,
  • Neo,
    your RT-theme 17 is the best and most flexible theme I have had the pleasure to use. Thanks for all the hard work, and I cant wait for the next one you come up with!
  • Sono d'accordo con peterc, RT-theme 17 is the most flexible theme I have had the pleasure to use. It's great also your technical support!!
  • luv teh RT Theme 17!!!
  • You guys are awesome! Quick and fast support! Definitely a great choice as far as theme choice goes!
  • RT-16...I had for a while before I used it. Just went another direction initially, but I found a perfect excuse to customize this puppy and thanks to the great support I got these guys I was able to do something which exceeded even my desires! Thanks for all you guys do!!
  • RT-16 on the roll. Needed a small fix and NEO (obviously leaving his doings from the Matrix) attended to that in a jiffy. That's real professional and timely. Haven't seen any support yet that has this kind of support. Keep up the good work!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! early eh!!
  • Thanks for the RT15, a great wordpress theme ! Very simple to use, clean design, I really appreciate using it, keep on creating stuff like that !
  • Awesome themes. Awesome support. U ROCK
  • Your wonderful themes look just as fantastic online because you provide us with whatever support we need.

  • I´m writing to say that I'm impressed with the support in this themes and how brilliantly they do their job. I'm using rt17 and I love it so far, and it is getting better and better thanks of the help of Neo and the people in the support forum.

  • I love RT themes! RT17 worked so well for what we needed. It looks great on any device and loads fast! It was easy to work with and the support is fantastic! Thank you, guys! Much appreciated!
  • Yes, you are great!
    After the import from my development server to my customer’s web host, and with just a few hours to launch, a crucial function suddenly didn’t work. You support guys really devoted yourselves in my problem and managed to solve the problem (which had to do with a plugin update). Fast, dedicated and very professional. You saved my day!
  • I love this theme (RT17) especially the great support that comes with it. Always timely and always helpful. Keep up the great work!
  • Love, love, love RT-17 Theme! Support is excellent, I would be beyond lost without the help I am getting here. Thank you, Linda
  • After buying RT-15 I bought RT-17. And soon I will go for RT-12 :D :D
  • Very good theme and support to, ty again Neo !
  • Support has been outstanding and very responsive.

    Great work (especially Neo)

  • When will RT-18 be released?
    :-D :-D
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  • Excellent theme with amazing support. Always quick on response. Thanks Neo!
  • good theme, good serve. thank you. thank you for neo,a very kind person. if you have a good theme again, i will buy it. i support you.
  • Hi all

    Thank you for your kind words. They are really appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Theme support
  • I bought 11 themes rt 17 and I can assure you that they had no problems ever, apart from one but it was my fault ... Neo Thanks for the expertise! When rt 18??
  • Hi MobilPro,

    Thank you !!! rt18 i guess will be released within the next 8 weeks.

    Best regards,
    Theme support
  • Stick me down on the list, great theme, and good support so far.

    Keep it up!

  • Absolutely great support. No point in buying a theme if it's not supported and these guys go above and beyond every time.
  • Hi CDD,

    thank you for the kind words. It is always appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Theme support
  • Nice theme and great support, thanks Neo!