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Portfolio Page pagination not working Part 2
  • Hello, I am Using Rt-Theme 10, and when I place items in the portfolio, lets say 10 items per page and I have 30 items in my portfolio, once I go to the next page, then it can not find page 2 or 3. What am I missing?

    I did follow the instructions on Friday.

    go to Settings -> Permalinks, set them to default, save, click save again, change it back to /%postname%/ and it will work.

    But today SUNDAY, they do not work again. What's up with that?

    Please help. It makes me look really bad.

    Thank you,
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  • Sent. Thanks. I set up the Portfolio, it works the first day, next day it does not work. So I do it again, I test it, works, I leave, then next day, or a few hours, then it does not work! ohy.
  • Did you have a time to check my website? I sent you the info you asked. If the Portfolio does not work then the packages do not. If I fix the Permalinks, then the porfolio works, but the Packages stop working. Please help us out.
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  • Hi,

    Was there a resolution for this?

    I'm working on the same issue for the portfolio page in RTTheme 8. I have the portfolio page to show 6 items per page, and when I click on page number 2 at the bottom it doesn't display portfolio item 7. I checked the category and played around with the permalinks but haven't been able to get to portfolio page 2 yet. Your feedback is appreciated.

  • Any news? I am waiting for an answer! Please fix.
  • Any one? This problem was first address in the middle of September. Now we are close to November? Hello? any one?
  • Any one? This is bad costumer service!
  • I'm having this same problem. No success?
  • Any one? I thought that since I bought this theme there would be support!?