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RT Theme 14 (site template) - medium button in slider text description area with image 2 & 3
  • Please can the creator of RT_Theme 14 help,

    I'm Using IE8 in windows 7 environment (64 bit computer and 32 bit laptop). On the index page I have 3 images in the slider. All with titles, descriptions and the 'medium-button'.

    The medium button only shows up for slider 1

    The medium button does not show in slider 2 or 3.

    I have checked this in chrome - the medium button shows for all 3 sliders.

    I have uploaded the totally clean files (ie., direct from unzipped themeforest download - I havent done any editing) to a test place on an external host server and the problem is replicated (though there is no button on side 3 in the test).

    Strangely if I view the files locallly in ie 8 browser the medium button shows up fine on all slides.

    Thank you.
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  • Yes, still happening. Im at work now and have just tried it on another computer.

    Its such a shame, this template has been brilliant to work with.

    However, I really would like to get this tiny bug sorted as the site needs to go live first week of september and I've just taken another look at the code and just cant see anything missing or incorrect.

    Would you mind taking another look please and see what happens when you press F5 to refresh the view.

    Thank you.
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  • So pleased you can see the problem I'm referring to. I really appreciate you asking your team.

    The files loaded in the 'test' folder / area are exactly as downloaded and extracted from the zip file off themeforest - absolutely nothing has been edited, moved or changed.

    Thank you very much in advance and I'll keep my eyes peeled for the feedback from your team.

  • Hello Landon,

    My clients coming back into the country any day now, so I hope you dont mind me asking if your team have any suggestions for getting the background of the medium_button working, please.

    I'd love to have the buttons working soon.

    Many thanks

  • Hello Support,

    May I have the answer to my problem please.

    Thank you