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IE9 Weirdness
  • First off, thanks for this great theme and all your support on here.

    Check out this page for example of my issue.
    There is a white line that goes through the image in the sidebar and the content area doesn't expand to fit. Any ideas?
  • I got the same problem for me with IE, I've checked your page and I still see your problem, as for my pages when you refresh the problem fix itself. Then when I got long pages sometimes the footer overlap the page, still goes when you refresh the page.. you can check some of those pages: http://www.centotour.it/il-madagascar/
  • Yes Alessione you are correct. The problem still persists. I'm on a shared computer and someone had put IE9 in compatability mode.
  • !!Bump!!
    I have same problem only in IE9. Where on first load the image on the right of the product page and the tabs on the same page have a gap in them. When refreshed the image fixes itself but the tabs don't they correct themselves when you click on them.

    Any ideas support?
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  • Hey Landon,

    I have started a conversation with you/support as I need to give you log in details.

  • **Just an update** I went and viewed your demo site off themeforest and it has similar problems in ie9. I know you are busy but I do have a client wanting to check out the work I have done so far and I would like to show them the site with these bugs fixed many thx.
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  • ok thank you for getting back to me, I'll keep an eye out for the update... don't leave it tooo long :)
  • This is also applicable in IE8.
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  • H any word on the update Landon? I guess he has to work in 3.2 fixes as well!!

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  • Hi. My template works great in every browser except for IE 9. It is completely broken in this browser. Can you give me some advice. Thank you.

    merchantcashadvancecompanies.com is the site.
  • @esrarazvi it has to be a plugin in the sidebar. or you did not upgrade the js script


    look at http://www.salonstephanievanbeek.nl/

    it is the same theme and it looks okay in ie9 with wp3.2.1

    if it persists disable all plugins and enable them one by one to find out which one does the job.

    @landon your comment on july 16.

    I did a binairy compare from the theme downloaded today November 12,2011 and the one from march 1 this year. They are the same. So there is no update issued through themeforest at all.

    So i don't know where your comment is based upon. The two weeks from your comment on june 20 have been passed a long time ago.
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  • Thank you for checking in. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you. Unfortunately, I tried this twice and it does not work. Could you please take a look in the back and maybe we can figure this out. I set the user and pass to admin. Please let me know, thank you.
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